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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hey Everyone!

I'm working on some magnetic buttons, and the first to be made is very special: a Starfleet com-badge! Now with a quick tap, I can communicate with the bridge, engineering, or maybe the pizza delivery guy down in the lobby!


Adam Grant
Man of Craft

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Carl Wagan Bookmobile!

Hello All!

This Man of Craft was captured in a promotional video for The Carl Wagan Bookmobile!

To be honest I'm not represented as a crafter here, but they do make it look like I know what I'm doing with a ukelele! Check out the link: Carl Wagan Promo Video

They are doing great things engaging the community and getting people thinking and doing creative things - now that sounds pretty awesome to me!


Adam Grant
Man of Craft

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gifts of My Hands - Gift Show! Pt. 2

Hello, hello!

Back in December, Man of Craft participated in the Gifts Of My Hands gift show. Myself and the First Lady of Craft* had a super time interacting with all of the attendees and vendors.

This was Man of Craft's very first gift show in Toronto, and I was very fortunate to have been invited by organizer and fellow vendor Nici Shipway. Nici found me on Etsy and asked if I would like to participate. Of course!

There were a lot of family and friends that showed up to support me, and I thank you all very much! I was able to showcase my wares to a much larger audience, and I had a great time doing it.

I was able to sell some product, take some orders and get the ol' name out there. Yes!

Here are a few images of myself and the setup from the event. I totally forgot to take pictures, so I've also included some product pics taken from before the show.

*Without whom much of what I do wouldn't be possible. Thank you!


Adam Grant
Man of Craft